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Pitch Bend, Escher-Style

This patch isn't meant to be a great sound in itself, but to show the kind of flexibility Moselle gives you. The pitch-bend is set for one octave... but when you bend all the way down or up you're back to where you started! What happened and how?

Look at the screen shot, at the [Filter] Input. You see that it uses the PitchBend to fade between three oscillators. The first is an octave high. The third is an octave low. The result is that as you bend, you're also fading. By the time you've bent all the way down an octave, the original oscillator has been faded out, and an octave-higher oscillator (also bent down an octave) has faded in.

You may never need this effect, but it shows how even one formula in Moselle can do things practically no other synthesizer on the planet can do.

Note the sound is recorded directly from Moselle: no hardware or external processing was used.