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MELODY SAUCE - MIDI Melody Creator - Make Better Melodies


Melody Sauce is a powerful, quick-fire MIDI melody creator. It's VST/AU MIDI plugin that helps you quickly and easily create, audition and select MIDI melodies in your DAW.

Perfect for any musical genre from Trap and Hip Hop to House and Techno and all styles in between. Create leads, synth lines, and any other melodic part on-the-fly whilst you playback your song.

Create ideas to get you started, or spark inspiration when you have beat block. Melody Sauce is designed to bring you unlimited melodic inspiration.


Melody Sauce's simple controls allow you to manipulate its complex generative algorithms to help you to create impressive melodies quickly and without the need for advanced music theory knowledge.

Simply connect Melody Sauce to any software instrument and start creating unique melodies based on the settings you choose, then drag and drop them into your project. None of the musical phrases that Melody Sauce creates are pre-programmed. Each amazing melody is built from scratch when you click to generate.

** Try our risk free 7 day money back guarantee. **.

Available to buy now at https://evabeat.com