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NEW Presets for ZEBRA2 and ZEBRIFY

We are VERY proud to announce the RELEASE our new double bundle for 2 great U-he products.
"Looking Glass" for Zebra 2 AND "Rhythm Monkey" for Zebrify. (Special intro DISCOUNT on NOW)

When you buy Zebra 2, Zebrify is included (Zebrify is the 'effects' version of Zebra2.)
Zebrify is a great multi-effects tool, capable of some very savvy studio tricks.
This bundle includes 160 presets.

Since "Looking Glass" is our 7th Zebra sound-set, we wanted to bring something very special to the table.
First, every preset has controllers designed to add expressive musicality to the instruments. (MW, X/Y, AT, Vel, etc..)
Second, the effect mapping for each preset is extensive and sonically stellar.
Third, we designed some of our best Zebra presets yet for "Looking Glass".

The set includes: