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Nuke Borough - Explosion and Weapon Sound FX - Nova Sound

NovaSoundWav.com Nova Sound present Nuke Borough. This sound collection consists of 50 small and large FX, 16 different explosive weapons (including layers such as: load, fire, explosion, impact). Also includes ShockWav Weapon, 10 sounds designed around a fictitious weapon that utilizes electrical current. Bombs, Impacts, Guns, Rifles, Explosions, Explosives, Weapons, Arsenal, Weaponry, War, Military, Nuke, Detonator, Grenade, Shot, Shoot, Shooting, Equipment, Load, Unlock, Fire, Flame, Flamers, Future, Futuristic, Shock, Buzz, First, First-Person Shooter, Shooter, 50 Sound - 44.1K 16-bit Wav. Stereo.