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Octagon Sound Pack - Chords, Flows and Stabs One by One

0:22 Chords
1:31 Flows
4:35 Stabs.

Buy the pack here :https://www.applied-acoustics.com/octagon/.

Octagon is sound designer Daniel Stawczyk's third Sound Pack Series title for Chromaphone 2. This time around he proposes a 149-preset collection of carefully designed arpeggiated layered sounds. Sometimes pushing forward the richness of Chromaphone 2 to its full potential, at others opting for depth, finesse, and refined delicacy. On Octagon, Daniel takes full advantage of the arpeggiator's density and intricacy. Packed with an inspiring cornucopia of arpeggiated synths, pads, basses, chords, stabs, flows, percussions, chimes, and angular special effects, Octagon unlocks your creativity at every turn.

Check out the pack here

Visit www.stawczyk.com