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PLUCKATONIC is a sample based modern rompler synthesizer designed for Electronic Dance Music (EDM).
PLUCKATONIC is also a trance Pluck sampler developed for Trance loving people. It consumes very low CPU & RAM but it performs very well as a Standalone or a VST Synthesizer.
It comes with 128 modern Pluck sounds FXP and with the dedicated FXB factory bank. Whether you are making a Trance, Techno, Progressive House track, this ROMPLER helps you to make stunning sounds with in a minute.
Now a days every modern waveform based VST synthesizers loads with init saw / sine presets. It is quite time consuming and hectic to design a Pluck or modern sound by it, specially when you are in hurry of making a Trance or EDM pluck sound from scratch. here our PLUCKATONIC synthesizer comes. Now it is hassle free, make superb modern peak time Trance/EDM pluck sound with in a minute for your tracks or live performance.

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