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Overdriverb: Stereo Overdrive, Soft Distortion and Reverb Effect VST, VST3 and Audio Unit Plugin 64-bit for Windows and Mac. Guitar Fx. Guitar Amp Simulation. Guitar Distortion and Reverb Effect. Virtual Stompbox / Pedalboard. Effects for Guitar.

Overdriverb is a subtle stereo overdrive and soft distortion effect with a reverb blend and a variable filter tone to producing a smooth overdriven sound with a gritty nuance, suitable for blues, jazz, fusion, rock and more. It can be driven hard without sacrificing dynamic range.


  • Input Gain - Adjusts the amount of incoming signal before being processed.
  • Drive - Controls the overdrive / distortion intensity by providing a range of sonic possibilities from slight tube warmth to harmonically rich overdrive. At lower settings, is cleaner with a smooth breakup.
  • Limiter Threshold - Adjusts the limiter sensitivity. Limits the peak level of a sound to avoid harsh clipping distortion.
  • Filter Mode - Switches the filter between lowpass, highpass, bandpass, or band-rejection filter types, offering a simple and effective tone control to shape and color the sound source.
  • Presence - Switches a subtle stage to the filter strength.
  • Tone - Adjusts the frequency range to contour the sound, add or regulate brightness.
  • Resonance - Emphasize or suppress portions of the signal above or below the defined tone's frequency.
  • Reverb Blend - built-in reverberation to add ambience and depth.
  • Clean Level - Controls the amount of the dry (unprocessed) signal on the output. Having a separate control for the clean level allows you to balance the clean and overdriven/distorted mix. The distorted signal tends to lose some of the precious low frequency content. The clean signal can be used to add it back in.
  • Output Gain Level - Controls the volume of the processed signal output. Useful for setting the level of the overdrive / distortion effect compared to the clean (dry) signal mix.
  • Preset Manager - Browser to load and save presets and banks.
  • Preset Display - Text box to show the active preset name.
  • 20 Presets. Ability to create new and interesting overdrive and distortion effects with spacey, dark, bright and metallic quality to input signals.