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PassiveEqual : Equalizador projetado para mix & master

Passive circuit stereo equalizer.

HP filter with cut from 0hz to 250hz. Selectable key for cutting at 12db per octave or 24db per octave.

LP filter with cut from 20kHz to 6kHz.

Low Shelf -12db to + 12db at low frequencies, 30hz to 800hz.

Hi Shelf -12db to + 12db at high frequencies, 3kHz to 20kHz.

3 parametric controls, which can work from 200hz to 12kHz, with attenuation up to -12db and gain of + 12db, Q ranging from 0.1 to 3.

X-over, Low Frequency Compressor with selectable frequencies from 60hz to 150hz and boost control that adds up to 6db of this compressed region to the output of the EQ.

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