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RipX DeepRemix Overview

Ever dreamt of reworking your MP3s and audio files? Are you a music lover or DJ needing stems for your online streams, club sets, karaoke or house parties?

DeepRemix is a truely game-changing app, that enables you to rip and split your music into vocals, bass, drums and other layers. DeepRemix even provides the tools to manipulate these the way you want. No previous music production knowledge needed.

DeepRemix uses AI isolation algorithms and a deep-ripping process to automatically deconstruct any song - a process that would normally take a team of studio engineers and dedicated equipment to accomplish. Mix and match layers, apply effects, change tempo and key, all in no time at all! An essential app for those into the art of music production, and for all kinds of DJs, musicians, students and educators.

Find out more and download a free, RipX: DeepAudio Trial at http://www.hitnmix.com

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