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RSGL01 v8 Classical Acoustic Guitar Solo Demo - Cordoba by Albeniz (excerpt)

Mock-Up of part of "Cordoba" by Isaac Albeniz featuring RSGL01 v8 Classical Acoustic Guitar Virtual Instrument for Kontakt 5.3+.

RSGL01 v8 Features :

- 11 Key-Switched Dynamic Articulations.

- Auto Hammer-On / Pull Off.

- Auto Natural Harmonics.

- Auto Random Fret Noise.

- Vari-speed Slide-Up and Slide-Down Articulations.

- Random Robin Note Alternation and Borrowing.

- Easy Play Chord Mode with Strumming Speed, Note Emphasis, Strum EQ & Octave Switch.

- 30 Bar Chord types, 25 Open Chords and Power Chords.

- Tempo-synced Volume (Stutter) Gate with Sine & Rectangle LFO Waves.

- Velocity Sensitivity Control.

- Sample Playback Offset Control.

- ADSR Volume Envelopes for Long and Short notes.

- Simple Broad Treble & Bass Controls.

- Variable Pitch Bend Range.

- Customizable MID setup and Articulation specific Purge.

- Tremelo Picking Function.

- Vibrato Controls.

- 4 Band EQ, Chorus, Compressor, Transient Master, Tempo-Synced Delay, Convolution Reverb (+29IRs).