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Signature 90s R&B Expansion: 2023 Signature R&B VST expansion

Introducing... The 90s R&B Expansion For Signature. This is a special edition expansion containing over 100 Re-imagined sounds from legendary, iconic 90s R&B keyboards.

We've re-sampled some of the most recognizable sounds from R&B's golden era to bring you those hard-to-find sounds from your favorite R&B records.

We Meticulously sampled the machines that made the 90's R&B so special. Then, we brought each sound into the present day era by face-lifting and re-designing each sound for today's charts.

This is a special edition release expansion. The 90's R&B expansion is not included as one of our free sound packs for unlimited owners.

Includes 100 Sounds: Pianos, Keyboards, Plucks, Leads, Bass.

46% Off
by Soundtoys
Was $149.00; Save $70.00 until 15 Jun 2023
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