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SynthTest: Virus TI - Part 2: Hypersaw Oscillators

A test of the TI's famous Hypersaw Oscillators. As you can hear, the hypersaw coupled with Unison and the Virus' own effects sounds gorgeous. Here I am doing typical trance sounds, but this kind of structure can be used on all kinds of sounds and styles.

The only downside it seems is when using so much DSP you can hear note stealing in the attacks. They lose their sharpness and become slightly out of time. Some other synths I know of do this too. There are work-arounds however but it's a shame as this is the TI2 which has the most polyphony of the range. Then again I could have something wrong with the set-up. It could also just be something to do with how the unison works. I might be hearing things but this stolen attack sound seems to come and go a bit.

There are not many ways to find out what a Virus TI is actually like to use if one is not available to you, so I made a series of videos to show it's raw sound and how it's various parts work.

Some parameter changes are not visible as I am using the TI hardware to control it.

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