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The free AutoTonic Player (Link can be found in the Description)

Please Vote & Download 'AutoTonic Player' here.
THANK YOU for VOTING (until Dez 19th 2016), this is very important for us.

---SETUP (Recommended) :

  • Create a virtual MIDI port on your computer*
  • Select your INPUT device in "MIDI I/O"
  • Select your 'virtual MIDI port' as OUTPUT in "MIDI I/O"
  • Set your 'MIDI port' as the only (.) input within your host app
  • In AutoTonic hit SPACEBAR (=POWER On/Off) to get started ...

*Win users may should search for "free virtual MIDI driver"
*Mac users should "create a IAC MIDI port" on their system
If you enjoy this version, please vote for us at the KVR Developer Challenge 2016, THANK YOU.

The free AutoTonic Player, KVR Developer Challenge 2016 Entry
by AutoTonic e.U. by Clemens Slama – Modal MIDI Transposing
Link: www.autotonic.net

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