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The Rhythmic Library - Presets For UVI Falcon

The Rhythmic Library For UVI Falcon is a large preset library dedicated to 200 rhythmic patches.
Our goal was to make a high quality,"go to" library for Arps and rhythmic presets.

We also wanted to make something different then the standard,"4 on the Floor" EDM rhythms that we have all heard.
This collection focuses on:

Chill out

We wanted to create arps and rhythms that are beautiful as apposed to aggressive, laid back and inviting as apposed to cold and hard.
This is not a dance music collection.

Another thing we did was create deeply synchronized FX, LFOs, filters, delays and a special collection of Impulse Responses.

The Rhythmic Library contains a whooping 200 presets of deeply inspiring and tasteful presets.
The presets range from fairy simple to deeply complex rhythms and everything in between.
Also included are percussive and drum rhythms designed to get you tracking quickly.

We took advantage of Falcons ability to implement macro controllers.
Every preset has these controllers so users can efficiently tailor the settings to personal taste.