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TripleTech has released an iOS replica of extremely rare Ukrainian preset drum machine, Pulsar

More than 30 years ago, the "Pulsar" – preset drum machine was produced in Zhytomir, Ukraine, at the Elektrovimiruvach military plant, which was famous for its electronic musical instruments such as synthesizers, electric organs, electric accordions, drum machines, signal processors, guitar effect pedals, and other musical devices (Altair-231, Estradin-230, Solaris-314). The release of the Pulsar was an exciting and incredible event for the region as nothing like it had ever been produced before (different models of the #Pulsar were made in early '90s)🎵.

In 2023, a team of #audiodevelopers and sound enthusiasts from #TripleTech paid homage to Ukraine's cultural heritage in the field of music technology by creating an #iOSreplica of this remarkable hardware. This iOS version (#iOS #drummachine) gives the "Pulsar" #presetdrummachine a new pulse in the digital world🤖.

Here are the features you can find in the TripleTech iOS app replica: Pulsar-ES (which is 95% identical to the original hardware) https://apps.apple.com/ua/app/pulsar-es/id1661825756📲.

By purchasing the app in the #AppStore, 20% of the sales will be donated to #UkrainianSupport🇺🇦.