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V-Station by Novation - "Verge" Soundpack

Download the demo from here

Caffeine" is a totally new approach to sound design within the Discovery Pro environment.

"Caffeine" is actually a set of 3 banks. The primary one is a presentation of amazing sonique possibilities of the world-acclaimed Discovery Pro VST instrument by discoDSP.

The main "Caffeine" bank is a set of 78 amazing MULTILAYERED presets, 16 rich ARPEGGIATORS and 31 inspiring MELODY lines that have brought Discovery Pro into newly discovered layers of existing possibilities.
By pressing just one key, you will witness the instrument playing the sequenced melodies. It is not only the MELODIES that will impress you, but also the many multilayered presets with many unique melody lines enriched with various rhythm patterns, thrilling bus lines, panning effects, marvellous background atmos along with innovative mod-wheel action.

Besides the "Caffeine" bank of 125 breathtaking presets, there are TWO additional sub-banks with all the sequenced lines of "Caffeine": arpeggiators/melodies (127 presets), percussion (38 presets), bass (34 presets), efx (32 presets) and atmos (20 presets) providing you with a free choice of your own pattern combination anytime you wish.

Daniel (Status) Stawczyk