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What's new in GainMatch 1.2

What's new in GainMatch 1.2.

Better performance:

  • much lower CPU/RAM usage, faster opening time.

UI improvements:

  • reorganized menus, save as default.
  • combo scale/opacity.
  • separate "delta" button, delta improved (uses listen gain).
  • crossfades between before/delta/after.
  • see/unlink reverse link in Before, fixed reverse link issues.
  • bigger group menu when 8 groups.
  • updates notifier.

AUTO mode enhancements:

  • three auto speeds.
  • acceleration on large gain differences.
  • ear protection mode.
  • separate negative/positive limits.
  • auto-enable 'auto' for new instances.
  • auto is preserved when switching modes.
  • auto is preserved on manual adjustments.
  • return to 0 on suspend comparison.
  • wait for enough audio after suspend for before-after.

Smarter delay detection:

  • keep delay visible.
  • no need to select buffer size, better performance.
  • detects correct polarity.
  • auto-detect delay on new 'After'.
  • display delay in samples/ms/beats.


  • hide/expose button from DAW, improved MIDI control.
  • Mono to stereo improvements, pan law.
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