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40 Awesome Oscillator waveforms and 140+ Presets:

  • 19 - Arps.
  • 25 - Atmospheres.
  • 29 - Pads.
  • 6 - Cellos.
  • 3 - Guitars.
  • 17 - Keys.
  • 8 - Leads.
  • 13 - Percussion.
  • 14 - Vocal.
  • 7 - Bass.

These oscillator waveforms enable us to create some very unique ACOUSTIC sounds.

No, these are not samples but very musical waveforms.

The result is:

  • Several Styles of Vocal Patches (solo, choral, hybrid).
  • The Elite Cello (6 variations).
  • Stunningly accurate ethnic percussion (congas, log drums, wood, ethnic, more).
  • Bowed stringed instruments (several styles).

The collection also includes a broad variety of Pads, Atmospheres, Vintage Bass, Arpeggiations, Sound-scapes, Leads, FX.

Our goal was to make a very well rounded soundset which included both acoustic and electric instruments.

Every presets is programmed in Zebra 2.7+ and includes the use of all the most current features.

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