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2nd Sense Audio

As a newcomer in audio software industry, we focus on exploring new interactive approaches towards sound making.

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Reviewed By dr_epf
June 8th, 2021

The new era of VST is animated knobs. Wiggle offers 4 animated operators and 8 modulator curves, which you can modify at you whim and assign each one of them to any knob of the entire panel. The patch gets alive without the obvious repetitions of any digital synth. This is an extraordinary piece of work with great sound quality. Cheers. PC-Edy.-

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2S Equalizer
Reviewed By colobelporridge
October 6th, 2017

Really really good, amazing for surgical cutting and the high and low pass are really something special i mean when its gone (as in a frequancy cut) its really gone. Please fix the GUI issue and you have a 10/10.

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2S Equalizer
Reviewed By Ricky Rocko
April 3rd, 2017

This is truly an amazing EQ, and it's for free. It sounds great and very clean for surgical cuts. Unfortunately there are a few bugs, the built-in analyzer is not working properly. When you close the plugin window and reopen it later the analyzer won't work correctly, the curves/cuts/boosts you did are not shown. I hope this will be done in the future. It really has the potential to become your go-to EQ. A "must have" in my opinion. THX for this one.

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