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13 March 2013 at 9:32am

This is a new venture. We are developing a guitar pickup impulse response suite of products which will have Free software driving it. We have launched with a range of impulse responses called the Vintage Quality collection and will over the coming months produce the impulses from the extensive stock at Break Out Guitars Halmstad Sweden.

The product is for use as a Studio plug i for re - axeing clean guitar tracks.
The Product is being designed so that it will give a selection of available tones from the collection of impulses for a foot switch.
The foot pedal will have a home brew Raspberry Pi / Arduino capability or our own Custom pedal will also be available.
Line 6 Tone Core developer pedal is also a suitable host.

The impulses can be wrapped up and used as case candy or for demo purposes by Guitar sellers or as Merch / Fan Give aways for Bands.

Our product is effectively doing what AcmeBarGifts Red Shift pick up replacer does just with actual Guitar impulses. Our impulses work on any convolution engine ( Of course they do? why wouldn't they its just a sine sweep induced signal from the Pickups) effectively it is what the Kempner profiling amp does for Rigs just for Guitars.

13 March 2013 at 9:34am

Red shift is my all time favourite VST plugin. By the way.

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