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AcmeBarGig releases Shred 1 Suite


AcmeBarGig has announced the release of the Shred Suite, a new freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows that features six versatile amp heads ranging from warm, sweet, clean tones to hair-raising metal thunder:

Shred Suite
Shred Suite Shred Suite Shred Suite Shred Suite Shred Suite
  1. Shred: A metal and hard rock powerhouse, the SHRED head is all about rocking out.
  2. Enthalpos Median: Enthalpos is all poweramp, the wildcard of the bunch.
  3. Supersound 1972: Dark and doomy, the Supersound is right at home churning out early Sabbath-style ethereal drones.
  4. Marvel: The Marvel is an all-rounder, capable of crystalline cleans and thunderous British crunch.
  5. Quarter: Pure, classic clean tones and fantastic mild break-up, the Quarter is a bluesman's dream.
  6. Honken: The Honken kicks out Classic British tone, fantastic for sweet, glassy cleans and great crunch.

Interchange Nearly Every Aspect Of Every Head
Perhaps the most interesting feature of Shred is the feature that allows you to create a head that suits you: AcmeBarGig's 'Frankenamp' technology allows you to select the parts from any of the other heads and mix and match them for a sound all your own. You like the bass from the Marvel head? Add its bass knob. Want the Gain of the Shred Head? Add its Gain section.

ABG admits a history of providing you with "the very worst presets humanly possible". Well, they say that changes with Shred Suite which incorporates useable, great sounding, presets. Shred Suite supports banks of presets. In the past you were limited by the number of presets on your screen, or you were forced to save single presets to disk. Now you can save all the presets on the screen at once, and load all the presets from a different bank file at once.


Shred comes with six built-in Stereo out Rack effects:

  1. Shiver Tremolo: Standard Tremolo.
  2. DIG Stereo Delay: The delay that came with DIG 2.0.
  3. Noise Gate.
  4. Mountain Reverb: A standard Reverb.
  5. OD Treble Master: The Treble master from ABG's Preampus Classic Hybrid line.
  6. The Naus Filter is many things, a standard oscillator, an Auto Wah, ...


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