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Adam Monroe Music

Adam Monroe Music strives to develop great sounding virtual instruments and plugins, at competitively low prices, across a variety of plugin formats.

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Adam Monroe's Delay

Reviewed By Mauvehead [all]
November 16th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

I really love this little plugin. I have hundreds of Delay and Echo plugins (Waves, Eventide, Soundtoys, IK, Slate, etc...it's a thoroughly long list) and this little guy just ticks certain boxes for me in a way that others don't. I have a growing fascination with shorter delays and this plugin seems to do those very well. It's simple and intuitive. Nothing remarkable about this plugin other than I just like the sound of it for short echoes. It reminds me of some older digital rack units that I (regrettably) no longer have. This plugin does not have a tempo sync or tap tempo but that is part of its charm. It's got an old school what-you-see/hear-is-what-you-get-ness that is attractive to me and I will be gravitating to it for all things short echo.

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Adam Monroe's Tremolo

Reviewed By jpumphandle [all]
August 9th, 2016
Version reviewed: WIN7 on Windows

Happened to see this just when I needed a tremolo. Using WIN7, both VST 32/64 plugins, so this worked for me. I was able to get the tremolo sound I wanted, so the effect stayed in my production, but ....

1. In many cases this type of effect needs a delay before the tremolo begins. This is lacking.

2. Also for effects that need sync to the beat, it would be nice to sync with the host tempo, really hard to do with the controls given.

3. Seems like the PAN depth doesn't reach full panorama at the deppest setting.

Otherwise, it does the job. Especiallyt like the MIX knob which can add some uniques effects.

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