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Latest reviews of Aixcoustic Creations products

This remains the most capable and one the highest-quality free equalizers available.

It's not going to be your basic workhorse channel EQ. But for specific usages on complex signals, such as restoration or buses, it is unbeatable.

Not 100% stable, but not problematic enough to avoid using.

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Incredible how no one has reviewed this EQ yet! So let's go (or let's try, once I'm no native English speaker)

User Interface
Beautiful orange interface, very clean and most of controls are in hand. Some of them are not so easy to use, but you get used to it within a few uses. As it's my main EQ, I see no difficulties on the interface.

Amazing sound! Incredibly precise in both analog and digital modes I tend to use the analog most of the time. I compared it to URS S Series and was very pleased by the results of this comparison. Electric-Q was almost as precise and good sounding as the coasty URS. I’d use any of them on radical bass drums EQs or any other critical tasks such as vocals. In fact, I’d say they sound different, but equally good. To my ears, this is the best free EQ out there, for sure.

It shines again here. It goes from simple EQ to filters and hard slopes. And you can add as EQ points as you can use, making a graphic EQ from Electric-Q (it also has a preset for this task). Besides that all, it has two operating modes, analog and digital, with their own sonic flavors. Its incredible flexibility makes it suitable for any application I can think of. My only complaint would be about the bogus screen you have to click on every time the plug-in is opened. But the rest overcomes it.

Tons of very usable presets that possibly cover most (if not all) of this plug-in’s use. As mentioned above, it even has a graphic EQ preset of lots of bands (30, if I’m not wrong). Hi and Lo-pass, slopes, graphic EQ, scientific filters, etc. Just about everything you can use and you’ll never use. I rarely use presets, but when it was needed I could rely on the presets.

Customer Support
Well, I can’t tell much about it since I never used their support, forum (if there is one) or anything else. But I think they are nice guys. A bad crew would never create such a great plug-in.

Value for Money
I think it’s not necessary to talk about this, is it? Even Aixcoustic Creations paid EQ must be a huge value for money. That’s why I’m buying it in the next few weeks.

I had no stability issues up to now. My only complaint that isn’t even exactly a stability issue is about Electric-Q’s CPU consumption. It’s a bit high on my Athlon64 3200, but it worth especially for those critical tasks mentioned above.
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