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Alexander Publishing
PO Box 1720, Petersburg, VA 23805

Alexander Publishing is an upstart publishing company. While academically trained, we are not academicians. We are research oriented and test to see how music people best learn. The result of this approach are training titles that train for results, and get results when you follow our step-by-step approach.

We write and produce for you the customer, not professors.

It's not about theory, it's about practical learning and doing. That's why our company theme is, "Learn it right the first time." We don't teach by opinion. We teach by what works.

This means you learn in a respectful orderly manner that talks you up, not down.

We blend technology in with our training, not for technology's sake, but because when incorporated effectively, you get better results, especially in our music training.

At the same time, where needed, we have no problem whatsoever in telling you point blank to skip the computer and find a pencil with an eraser.

You may not like our answers (some don't!) but you can count on us to be straight from the gut with you.

Because of the time it takes to develop effective instruction, we supplement our learning materials by sub-distributing selected software programs that fit in with our teaching style and product development.