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Alexander Publishing launches "Visual Orchestration 3: Doing the Basic Orchestral Mix" 10-lecture video course with Pre-Order Pricing

Alexander Publishing

Alexander Publishing, working with Numerical Sound, has begun releasing Visual Orchestration 3: Doing the Basic Orchestral Mix, a hands-on downloadable 10-lecture video course.

To effectively teach basics of virtual orchestral mixing the course comes with 17 impulse responses created exclusively for the course by Numerical Sound of Toronto. The impulse responses are organized by the major components of a reverb unit. These include 5 sets of Early Reflections covering the major orchestral libraries; 3 TILT Filters that apply EQ to the majority of virtual orchestral instruments (including the complete string and brass sections); and 4 Reverb Tails covering the small studio up to a larger recording studio (2.0 seconds RT60).

Also unique to Visual Orchestration 3 is research from Numerical Sound showing the RT60s of major libraries and using that as a basis to getting everyone into the "same room" within a template.

Visual Orchestration 3's ten lectures are:

  1. The Tools Provided.
  2. The 7 Starting Points Before You Begin Your Mix.
  3. The 3 Spaces Where Sample Libraries Are Recorded.
  4. The Sound You Want, The Sound You Have, The Sound You End Up With.
  5. RT60s of Rooms and Sample Libraries.
  6. First Steps in Working With RT60s and Early Reflections.
  7. Room Size and Assigning ERs.
  8. Working With the TILT Filters.
  9. The Reverb Tails.
  10. Spatial Placement.

Pre-Order Pricing

Visual Orchestration 3: Doing the Basic Virtual Orchestral Mix is on pre-order pricing for $59.95 until the last lecture, Lecture 10, posts in late February/early March 2014.




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