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Products by Amazona.de

Latest reviews of Amazona.de products

Tyrell Nexus 6
Reviewed By Mjusick_73
December 26, 2018

One of the best freeware Synths I ever used (And I really tried a lot....)!
There maybe some more flexible ones, but the Sound is great.

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Tyrell Nexus 6
Reviewed By The Chase
June 6, 2018

The developer isn't kidding about its Juno inspirations. You can test out its faithfulness by dialing in a hoover sound, which it excels in making.

The core sound quality of Tyrell is a mixed bag, as it is based on solid analog modelling, yet it isn't effectively antialiased so you can come across some harshness in the high registries. This sometimes makes me want to close it out and use something else, but the foamy/creamy textures you get when moving its filters over more complex sounds keep me coming back. Aliasing aside, the oscillators and snappy envelopes are brilliant. Be sure to turn on its oscillator drift to go from a DCO Juno sound to more of an old school VCO Juno sound.

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Tyrell Nexus 6
Reviewed By arseniy2
October 29, 2016

It's good thing. But be ready it is very limited. Only 2 Matrix slots. You can't control the phase of the OSCs. There is no Static parametr to use as Source. You can use Stack Voice instead but when you set 2 or more unison voices it will affect them in opposite directions. And it's CPU heave.

But yeah. It's very good sound you get for free. Especialy for the basses.

Also I did not found much good presets for it.


You've gotta love the chorus it has. I don't know how it works but you can easely make that it's mostly high content passes to sides. So even if you add chorus to the bass patch it will be very mono compatible while sound much wider.

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Tyrell Nexus 6
Reviewed By mridlen
August 11, 2013

This synth sounds really good, but the CPU can be a limiting factor. The limited oscillator section (originally designed to be hardware) reminds me of the Arp 2600 a little bit, and there are some flexible routing options that also remind me of the Arp 2600. It has a weird sounding duophonic mode where the oscillators are controlled independently.


  • Free of charge.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Duophonic mode is fairly unusual for most synth architecture.
  • Morphing oscillators.
  • Flexible ring modulation.


  • High CPU usage (especially when using the Voice Stack feature).
  • Some additional filter options would be nice.
  • Oscillator waveforms are somewhat limited.
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Tyrell Nexus 6
Reviewed By digitalboytn
April 26, 2012

This has to be the best VA freebie out there right now and it is extremely generous of Urs to code such a wonderful soft synth and then release it for no money down - drive away - with nothingmore to pay....

That makes it a no-brainer right there...

I think of this as a mini version of Diva which is my favourite VA of all time and a lot of the goodness in Diva is trickling down into Tyrell...

Like Diva - Tyrell is a bit of a CPU hog,but that's the price you have to pay for a such a wonderfully deep and dimensional sound...

This synth has real character and a "coarseness" to the sound which is exactly what you need most of the time..

All those prissy synths with their fruity FX just get lost in the translation and clog up the mix.....

This one is straight foward,has real punch and it sounds great !

The only thing they got wrong is the name...It should really be called the "Uno Slix" :)

Ohh...and it could use the reveb and a few other FX from Diva...There's room to slot them into the GUI...

Urs is on a bit of a roll at the moment with a great development team and some 3rd party sound designers who know how to make these synths sing and things are only getting better all of the time...

Zebra,Ace and Diva are all fantastic synths and the freebies - Tyrell N6 and Zebralette are no-brainers....

So grab Tyrell N6 v2 and a new skin and give it a whirl...

It's a winner that will put a smile on your dial and make you feel like a winner too :)

5 Stars and much kudos to Urs and the team at u-he....

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