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Latest reviews of ArcDev Noise Industries products

Reviewed By Ojd
July 23, 2017

This thing is the best delay i've ever used. It strikes perfect balance between simplicity and deep sound design. I love its quirks. I use it for.more than 2 years now and I can say that it IS AN INSTRUMENT. Bravo arcdev.

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Reviewed By Moe Shinola
February 10, 2011

This is the plugin that got my music in Future Music magazine! I took a loop, mapped the same loop to all the keys, and pitched several slices down an octave, which halved their tempo. I grooved around on the keys, mixing up the pitched slices with the un-pitched ones, and had some great accidents. One of those became the loop I used in "Mayflies", which ended up in the magazine(must have been a slow submission month for them but I'm still happy). It's one of my favorite freeware plugs, right up there with Xoxos' Steps for making cool loops. I don't remember there being a manual, and as far as support, My main beef is with ArcDev's website, which is made up like a DOS page. I still haven't figured out how to navigate around on it. If my hard drive ever bought it I'd replace this plug as soon as I could.Read Review

Reviewed By diverdee
March 8, 2006

First thing first - i'm not a 10/10 on all points man - I don't know if there's anything out there i'd score like that, but I have given this fairly high (imo) scores.
I am a fan of all of arcdev's plugins - they all have their uses & tend to be straightforward & to the point - something I appreciate.

User Interface: It's simple - all the knobs you twiddle basically do what it says on the tin, if y'know what I mean.

Sound: I love old school dub, delays that one can pitch bomb etc. - this plug in does all that kind of effect admirably & has a kind of low-fi-ish grungy sound to it.
I enjoy just automating the intensity & tone knobs to put some atmosphere behind simple drum loops.
It's pretty much has a permanent send slot place for me.
It's also very nice on pads & atmospheric moving sounds, gives them a little extra something, if applied subtly & can create devastating walls of feedback if really whacked on.

Features - i've only given it a five, but that's because it's not the delay to rule all delays & in the dubness bind them.
It's a damn good [i]free[/i] bucket brigade delay & it excels at what it does, that is reflected in my score for the sound.
This new incarnation of arcdevs et delay (the et-100 being the first) does now include tempo sync & stereo, which were useful additions - just give it that little extra, in fact i've just added a point for that :D
It's not got lfo's up the whazoo, & delays that pan in five dimensions & in & out of the fabric of spacetime - it's not supposed to, imo it's a perfect dub, dubtech & ambient/noise tool which will consistnetly give one the result one desires.

Documentation - again a five, it doesn't really have any documentation, but then it doesn't really need any - it's a simple beast.

Presets - doesn't have any, tbh I don't think it needs any, although the inclusion of a few would possibly have been nice.
Just plug it in & play with it - you won't be dissapointed.

Customer Support? Dunno, it's a freebie.
One can email the dev.
The dev has also been active on kvr & the update includes features which users asked for (tempo sync & stereo) which will likely now be included in the new version of dubb box also.
I perceive these plugins to be something of a labour of love for the developer - if he listens to user requests & implements changes based on our feedback I feel appreciative & blessed.

Value for money - has to be a 10, it's free & does exactly what I was looking for, does it well & is easy to use - I really can't ask for more.

Stability - I would give it a 10, but i've given it 9 because i'm a pessimist & maybe I haven't hammered it enough for it to crash on me yet - thing is I don't think it will, bugger it i'll give it a 10.

If you like those old school delay sounds give this a try, you really can get some nice sounds of it.
Don't be put off by the synthedit tag - I was wary of synthedit plugins myself for a long time, but i've found that there are a number of very talented developers utilising synthedit & arcdev is definately one of them.
His plugins are kinda niche tools for creating specific results/effects & are great at doing what they're suppose d to do.
Oh & regarding cpu useage - it actually seems comparable to audiodamage's dubstation, which is fairly close in character from what i've seen & heard (a little 'cleaner' perhaps) - although it would be difficult for me to do a straight comparison as I don't have it installed (presently) on my daw.

By the way I made a mistake above - this isn't freeware it's donationware - a donation to the world wild life fund - that get's another mark in my book.Read Review

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