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Ace business from Audio Bulb for anyone looking to quickly explore a range of timbral possibilities with any sound palette you may be working with, randomly generate and capture odd squiggles and glitches from sample sets of your own design, and use in performances a la Curtis Roads' Emission Control and such like. And more! It slices and dices according to your specifications, unpredictably, when the butcher loses control. A very useful tool outside the DAW that can also be run as M4L in Ableton.

My hastily cobbled, deeply battered and fried review is available here for your examination:


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Reviewed By mystahr
November 27, 2004

I'll just be short as there are little things that could be said to grasp what this odd synth does. But what it does it sure as heck does pretty good. I only had one run on it without really checking what each button does (which imo is barely readable I think anyhow) and just tweaked away. This is a pure texture and ambient machine that will lay out great carpets with a bit of mangling (and I guess a bit more understanding of the workings).

And that exactly is what this machine wants you to do; mangling and tweaking. Now to hook it up to some midi-controlled knobs and away you go. Ranging from random noise to lfo-ed scenery's to just screaming mayhem.

A wild beast not easily captured, but since I'm a huge fan of noise this was a joy playing with.

About the GUI; it is very hard to make out the names for the multiple adjustable parameters (which in a sense didnt bother me as the GUI looks pretty cool too).

One thing though; this will eat CPU like a hungry cow so pre-recording is the only way to use it within arrangements. I didn't really mind though.....

As the manual itself concludes:
"the best way to understand is to just spend time twiddling the display parameters and listening to the sounds."

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