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audiolatry is a young team of not-so-young musicians on a journey through the world of virtual instrument plugins. We like to believe we are creative.

You can contact us at contact [at] audiolatry.com.

Find our plugins at audiolatry.com. We are constantly working to increase our plugins database with serious & fun stuff.

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Reviewed By sampliist [all]
April 15th, 2023
Version reviewed: 2.8.3 on Windows

Really cool little guitar plugin, but can you please fix two notes low D and E flat, which sound like something is off, it sounds too percussive maybe hard to describe the sound. thanks.

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Reviewed By Alleyboogey [all]
October 5th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

A friend of mine recommended m this 808 so I thought of giving it a try..I would b happy to have it as producer from south Africa.

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Reviewed By BlackAngel43 [all]
August 31st, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Nice little LoFi VstI. Nothing mind blowing in terms of general perception. But It does have, & hold a very unique, distinct flavor, vibe, sound, tone etc as for how the samples were recorded that Is more useful, applicable, & practical than what appears to be at first interpretation. But you will find It's very handy, useful at "Gluing" particular styles of music together and adding a "Rustic" old school feel, but with a modern flair to a degree, & works best namely with Lofi, Trap, Boom Bap, Hip Hop, Drill type of musical style, but I'm sure If creative processing Is Introduced to the basic sounds much more can be possible, & or achieved. Which Is a good point In summary because the VST does lack In EFX/Modulation type feature's which makes It very basic In onset appeal If you will.

Side Note: In application It Is highly useful on "Chorus" sections of a production arrangement, beat, song etc. As well, It can be applied as a main "Under tone" played beneath a "Verse" section as the base melody of the over all melody without having the whole arrangement playing In context of the hook, Chorus sections. It also can be applied as a "Transition" section Into the Chorus. But I found It best, most useful to (Choose) between which approach you of the 3 you want to apply to your production, and not all 3 bkz Imo this Is not the type of Vsti you want to build a complete production ONLY using Melo-Fi. In short It plays best with others as a complimentary additive Instrument/tone, opposed to the main featured sound or tone.

Imo It seems to make instruments that are playing/sounding well In general context Individually, but lack that little nuance that compliments, fills additional space within the arrangement cleanly, & sums all the textures of all VstI's used to make the track together some how creating a natural "LOOPED" feel to the arrangements over all texture vs a separate Instrumented textures of each VstI used that may not be meshing sonic ly, & have digital "band" -ish sound which can be desired In an alternative situation that require a (Band/Live Musician) type feel & Is desired creatively, but If you want a "Sample" looped feel This little gem works just great. I was going to give It a 4 because It's very basic In conception, & doesn't offer many EFX/Mod features and so forth. But sometimes that can be a great thing because sometimes you just need that (simple) basic final touch element to compliment a track & give It that lil bit of missing sauce the song needed which Is why I decided to give It a 5 star rating because of It's uniqueness In sound, & as I iterated, I surprisingly found more practical (consistent, regular) use of the "Melo-FI" Vsti than I would have Initially thought. But It's most def a worthy download, & won't be a waste of your time like many (free) VST offerings can be.

I typically don't do, & or leave reviews, but this lil guy deserved some love bkz I have paid (Lofi) plugins similar In concept & have gotten lesser "Practical" daily use out of them opposed to Melo-Fi Vsti. So get this fellaz. Even If you don't think you'l like It, trust me you will, even If It has to grow on you a bit. You'll eventually realize It's value to you Instrument & sonic tool box.

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