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Reviewed By ipbrjt-3
September 26th, 2017

PeakPRO WAS a great program, 9/10, and I had used it extensively for audio editing and CD mastering. It all came to a crashing halt in 2012.

A major upgrade of PeakPRO was slated to come out years ago, and I even pre-paid for the next version (which promised multitrack editing which would have made it a 10/10- since this was based on the old-fashioned two track editing Soundedit16/SoundDesigner model), but the company "ceased operations" suddenly with no warning. I even called and talked to some folks, as well as emailed them and got borderline rude responses assuring me it was going to happen (it had been delayed for almost a year).

I'm not entirely sure WHAT the hell happened, but there were many rumors about fraud and financial skimming, inter-office-affairs, sex with dead animals, etc, so one cannot be sure what they read is true (a disease of our current times, for sure).

If you are interested in this program, it no longer is being developed and distributed. Although if you can get your hands on a free copy, and codes, it does still work- I am using it on El Not-Work-itan, with a few quirks. It amazes me that it still fires up. I also know that they have kept a website up for re-registering their products, which is mighty "big" of them.


As for the chunk of change they owe me, I'll probably never get it back. Its on their conscience- which must be heavy since they completely abandoned their users. Such is the warning tale of a once cool company gone completely sour.

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