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Usine Hollyhock
Reviewed By x.iso
September 20th, 2019

Although my primary reason for seeking out this DAW was multi-touch support and ability to construct custom virtual MIDI controller, so I wouldn't need additional MIDI hardware for my touch-capable laptop (which you totally can do), it turned out that Usine Hollyhock covers my needs and way beyond that. It's a fully modular DAW with all sorts of signals to process: multi-channel audio, midi, video, DMX light, serial port, text, various external hardware sensors - you name it. And unlike max/msp or even Reaktor, it's quite easy to get in and patch what you want. lots of modules that take care of some more complex stuff you might stumble upon - like quantizers for data, triggers or whole MIDI messages, and you can make 'templates' of your own by saving sub-patches. If you can code - even better, you can use script engine to do stuff that may be more efficient to do with one script module, than a whole sub-patch.

Looking forward, in upcoming version 4 features like UI modular patching will be available, which enables VCV-rack like experience, but you can actually make your own modules in convenient way or edit existing ones, all without coding skills necessary. There's also VST Brigde that will enable perfect syncing to other DAW and passing MIDI and audio channels between them.

This is overall a very powerful and affordable DAW with great support. Recommended to anyone looking into modular environments.

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