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Unique as it is in its novel approach, Crypto Cipher synchronizes rare sounds with the latest technology through an avant-garde project designed to benefit music composers.

Online Store: Our Kontakt-based sample instruments have been designed with the aid of unique, highly engineered techniques. Needless to say, modern music composers will find them extremely advantageous in creating background score for television/films and games without running through the conventional process.

Crypto Cipher is the result of an amazing journey of challenges and pleasant discoveries prodded by our love for sounds, which saw the light of the day in late 2010. Traverse through this melodic journey, we have captured and recorded rare sounds that we believe can very well be the answer to a variety of your musical requirements. One thing led to another and now we are a fully equipped sample library development audio lab that offers affordable, authentic sounding and high-quality sample instruments. We record performances by top-notch artists and raw organic sounds, which can be easily synced with any type of music production.

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Bollywood Harmoniums
Reviewed By alexleons
November 29, 2014

I had a chance to try out the Bollywood Harmoniums. I think it's no better than the other VST harmoniums in the market. I noticed some keys (notably the lower C notes) are off tuned and plays with different timbre when the coupler is engaged. There are three master samples, but you would be able to tweak the reed dynamics of only one of the masters which I found strange. There are some effects samples not much use for someone who is looking for an authentic Indian harmonium sounds.


Dear Friend, .

Thanks a lot for your review and some points, Sorry for delay in reply.

About Tuning

We have sent new samples update in which you ll get western tempered tuned samples. Hopefully you must have received it. Earlier it was tuned to natural Indian Tuning.

When coupler is activated - A lower octave note plays by itself to give extra bass. This is how coupler works in real Indian harmonium instrument. (Please note coupler will play this extra bass under particular range of keys, which make sense)

Please note :

The master patch is main harmonium patch with all the three reeds, You can control the dynamics of all patches via Modwheel, The real harmonium is not key sensitive.

About Sound design patch

They are loved by many users and we also wanted to push the capability of harmonium sounds. Many Indian composer may ask why should we use sampled products if real harmoniums players are so easily available that too with proficient players. - There are many reasons but I'm sure you ll be able to give your themes typical Indian feel through this library and sound design patches are new sounds for Indian audience as well sound design lovers.

See more products at https://www.cryptocipher.in/?page_id=4.

Can you please see if this harmonium is sounding like typical Indian Harmonium or not? - This product is now being used by many composers now.


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