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Reviewed By Hypertone
June 7th, 2005

If anyone knows of any free verbs as sweet sounding as Glaceverb, please let me know! I really like the sound of this reverb. I have never owned a high end verb like a Lexicon, so I'm not really an expert at what a good reverb should sound like, but compared to other soft reverbs, this one really stands out. It is not a transparent reverb by any means, it has a warm "colored" sound to it that sounds great. This is a plug-in with character.

I've gotten some great results that remind me of the reverb sound in some new wave/pop recordings from the 80's. I've used it on piano and tweaked an awesome jazz lounge reverb sound. It takes a bit of tweaking to get it to sound right, but with a little work the results are very good.

I also use Ambience which might sound a little more transparent and natural, and Ariesverb, which is unbeatable for long sustained reverbs and FX, but I prefer Glaceverb's sound for the aux bus in a mix, the sound just works. Not too thin, not too dense, just right. Try it out for your self, It's free!!
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Reviewed By Sea
April 27th, 2005

When I first tried Glaceverb I put it on the shelf for a while. Then I heard others say it was good for vocals and you know what... They were right!

Glaceverb has a silky smooth sound and the presets are very good. I used Vocal - Preset 1 today and love that subtle delay. I also loaded a 2nd Glaceverb to use on drums and was pleased to find it only increased my CPU on my 2.4 gHz processor by about 10%.

It also has a lot of different presets with a variety of sounds FX like Metal Factory that I really like. The GUI is very slick as well, although the little sliders are sometimes hard to adjust because of their size, but they're manageable.

My only question is why is this verb free? To me it's good for a lot of applications. I still haven't found the setting I'm looking for when used to emulate solo concert piano. Although I might just need to play around with Glaceverb a little more with the piano and find out all that she can do.

My advice would be to "Give her a spin." I think most will find Glaceverb a refreshing change that will sit good in a mix!
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Reviewed By liars&ashes
February 25th, 2005

----Yes,another free reverb,but,this one rings,for a long time,if you want it to.
----I am no reverb expert,but to my ears,this thing is a poor man's dreamverb. It sounds more or less like the big boys,and has enough presets to satisfy even the pickiest of us,or at least I felt there was a pretty generous amount of presets to choose from.
----If you already have a high quality reverb,then 1) why are you reading a review of a freeverb plug in ?! and 2) I wouldn't say toss it and grab this,but you might be surprised if you compared the two.
----The GUI is nice and clear,adjustments are made with 4 knobs and 10 sliders,and they work well,the whole layout is modern looking,yet clean and simple.
----What really makes this reverb worth mentioning is the variety of reverb-ish sounds it can produce,and the cost. This is not the greatest,clearest,brightest,whateverest reverb ever,but for free,it is great,top 3 of the freeverbs I've heard.
----To be honest,I haven't used it as a sendverb yet,and may never,I have my workhorses for that,but,for some special,extra flavor,it's my insertverb go-to these days,and that's where it shines I think. No matter what kind of reverb you already have,there's always room for other flavors of verb,it's that simple,and this is a good enough flavor to check out.
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