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Reviewed By Hypertone [read all by] on 30th August 2005
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows.
Last edited by Hypertone on 30th August 2005.
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I use this eq for everything. It is the best sounding Eq in my VST folder. It sounds so nice, you can boost the high end and it still sounds silky smooth, you can boost the bass and it doesn't get muddy, it sounds tight and defined. The developer says it emulates a transistorised eq to color the sound, but I find it still sounds very transparent and smooth, it doesn't have that exaggerated sound like some plugins that try to emulate "analog warmth".

This sound quality comes at a price. Poshifopit can use up some CPU, but it's really not bad for the sound you get. I took me a while to realize you can disable individual bands, that will help some.

Poshifopit lacks the dials and sliders of most software eqs. It seems most of the innovative plugin developers are breaking free from a "looks like hardware" interface. Personally I think this is a move in the right direction. I find poshifopit easier and faster to use. I absolutely love the gui. Instead of knobs, Poshifopit has one "point" per band on a horizontal line. You drag the point up and down to adjust the level, and left and right to adjust frequency. Right clicking the point changes filter type. You can adjust Q by alt clicking over the point and moving the mouse up or down. This interface allows you to adjust frequency and level in one step very quickly.

The original skin is pretty ugly, but there are other skins included. I use the Fruity Loops skin and it looks great.

This is the best soft eq I have heard. I have not heard any of the really expensive ones, but I wouldn't be suprised if Poshifopit is as good or better than the high end eqs. The best part is the price, it's totally free! I highly recommend trying this one!!
Reviewed By Hypertone [read all by] on 7th June 2005
Version reviewed: 1? on Windows
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If anyone knows of any free verbs as sweet sounding as Glaceverb, please let me know! I really like the sound of this reverb. I have never owned a high end verb like a Lexicon, so I'm not really an expert at what a good reverb should sound like, but compared to other soft reverbs, this one really stands out. It is not a transparent reverb by any means, it has a warm "colored" sound to it that sounds great. This is a plug-in with character.

I've gotten some great results that remind me of the reverb sound in some new wave/pop recordings from the 80's. I've used it on piano and tweaked an awesome jazz lounge reverb sound. It takes a bit of tweaking to get it to sound right, but with a little work the results are very good.

I also use Ambience which might sound a little more transparent and natural, and Ariesverb, which is unbeatable for long sustained reverbs and FX, but I prefer Glaceverb's sound for the aux bus in a mix, the sound just works. Not too thin, not too dense, just right. Try it out for your self, It's free!!
Reviewed By Hypertone [read all by] on 2nd August 2004
Version reviewed: 1.6 on Windows
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This just may be the best free synth out there. I can't believe I didn't try this sooner. The sound is so rich and fat, it's just beautiful. I'm a vst minimalist, but this one is definitely staying in my vst folder. I can't believe it's free! :)

Superwave comes with a list of midi CC's so you can set your controller for controlling the parameters, which is a very nice feature for a free softsynth.

The presets are excellent and really showcase Superwave's ability to do rich analog sounds. The brassy sounds are some of the nicest I have heard in a virtual synth. This synth is a great choice for trance sounds, but I'm using it for ambient pads and sweeps and I'm very pleased.

Try this synth if you have not already!
Reviewed By Hypertone [read all by] on 31st August 2003
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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This thing Rocks!!

Seriously this thing has a good ballsy analog sound-nice and fat. The filter sounds nice and the portamento responds properly (fingered, unequal time) for great sounding MiniMoogish leads. This synth is the ultimate for bass and leads.

The GUI is great, very simple, clean, and easy to use.

The Iblit really stands out in a sea of virtual analog emulating synthesizers.
Reviewed By Hypertone [read all by] on 17th October 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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I really like this VSTI and waited a long time for a VSTI with sequencing capablities like Energy. In a way the sequencer reminds me of a Korg MS2000 in that you can sequence parameters other than note on/off. I wish that more parameters were added though such as cutoff, resonance, pan, etc. I also wish that the synth engine was more complex with switchable waveforms, mutli oscillators, routing options, etc. Still this is a very useful synth for acid lines and trippy arpeggios. If the synth engine and sequencer idea was taken further for more complex modulation and thicker tones it would probably be my favorite softsynth ever. Maybe an Energy II?
Reviewed By Hypertone [read all by] on 5th April 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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What a sweet free VSTI. Quite possibly the best free analog VSTI out there. Great sound, very programmable. MIDI learn in a free synth? Rene knows what people want. I programmed a ton of useful sounds. I wish you could transpose each oscillator, I had to transpose the midi track to play the lower octaves on my 61 note keyboard. I recommend this synth to anyone looking some good analog sounds.
Reviewed By Hypertone [read all by] on 5th April 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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This is a good looking, good sounding VSTI. The presets are good, although theres not many. Its capable of some great tones, and has a cool digital sound (theres enough analog emulating VSTIs), Im happy to see something a little different.

It can do some brite FM/ PPG wave sort of sounds. I did manage to program some good analog sounds including some funky bass. The modulation capabilities are really simple, not even an lfo. The only complaint I have is that I heard some very faint crackling in the upper octaves. I dont think it would show up in a mix, but I would have definitely given the sound quality a 10 without the noise. I like the color and GUI. Thanks for this nice freebie!
Reviewed By Hypertone [read all by] on 16th February 2002
Version reviewed: 2? on Windows
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I cant properly pronounce the developer of this synth, Id rather play this sweet VSTI instead. It sounds exactly like the synth in the song in which it was named after. What a huge sound!! Very nice. People have asked how it compares to Cheezemachine. Thats hard to say because they are really totally different. Crazy Diamonds doesnt really sound like a string ensemble, it has more of an organ tone. I think people will find unique uses for both synths. Both synths together would really compliment each other. This is one excellent free VSTI!!
Reviewed By Hypertone [read all by] on 16th February 2002
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows
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Amazing synth strings. One of the best sounding VSTIs I have ever heard, free or otherwise. Cheezemachine is really inspiring to play and has its own character. Minimal features, but its a string synth, so thats kinda the point. Seems like a good stable plug-in, as Ive used it for hours now without a problem. Highly recommended.
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