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Reviewed By tinman
February 9th, 2002

This is a very versatile plug. There are slots for eight samples, but Ruction can play the samples in three different ways, depending on which midi channel is used.

There is the pattern sequencer, in which you can save 24 different patterns, which are triggered by midi.
There is drum machine mode, each sample triggered by its assigned midi note.
Then the cool one, each sample has it's own channel, and it's mapped and pitch shifted across the whole keyboard (remember the "simple sampler" folks wanted?).
Combine these three modes of operation using one instance of Ruction, and you can make a Helluva Noise.

Then there are filters, 8 stereo outs, and a knob to adjust "shuffle", and it will play loops, but to me, the big deal is the variety of ways you can use a sample set.

Whole lotta rhythm for the price.
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