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Eisenberg GmbH, Brahestrasse 8, D - 10589 Berlin, GERMANY

Eisenberg develops innovative and intelligent music software. The musician's creative process drives us in developing software synthesizers and effects. Our new technology AIST enables you to produce and manipulate sounds more intuitively and faster than ever. Without sacrificing usability. Stay musical, be creative – the way it should be.

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Reviewed By tommyzai
September 29, 2014


Vier by Eisenberg is a fascinating virtual instrument! It is based on the Doepfer MS-404, a monophonic rack mount synth from the 90s that still has a strong industrial music cult following. I have owned countless synths since 1985, but never an MS-404. I'm not able to compare this soft offering to the hardware; however, I am certain of one thing — this synth is smaller than Doepfers and does not require a warm-up period for stabilization! Vier delivers an uncanny polyphonic combination of clean, yet analogue tones. And, it's not only polyphonic; it's polyphonic times four — hence the name "Vier." The saw-tooth wave is buzzy, bright, and thick. The pulse wave is wispy and hollow. The white noise generator is clean. It's a sweet synth with a fast envelope that is perfect for percussive sounds, especially arps and leads. It's no surprise that it has a nice peaky, resonant type bass for sequences. I discovered a nice musical quality in the mid frequencies, clarity in the upper regions, and a decent boom in the lows. The original MS-404 is known as an emulation of Roland's TB-303 Bassline Synth. It's hard to say whether or not Doepfer intentionally or accidentally decided on the name similarity with the 303. Vier utilizes a transistor ladder design like the Moog synths and Roland TB-303 uses a diode-ladder — this makes Vier/303 comparisons a bit dubious. In my opinion Vier is sonically more like Roland's SH101, but richer and more versatile. Regardless, Vier is authentically Vier.


  • Simple, pleasant interface.
  • Smooth workflow.
  • Fun to program.
  • Intuitive preset management.
  • Glide control.
  • Drive knob.
  • Anti-aliasing oscillators.
  • VCO modulation.
  • Wet, juicy filter.
  • Excellent voice management.
  • Innovative, responsive developer.
  • Good price.


  • I'd like to see a good default patch and a more comprehensive library of presets to show off Vier's power.


Vier is organic, inspiring, and like Eisenberg's Einklang — innovative and intelligent. This is an ultra-potent plugin with a genuine sound. I highly recommend Vier to any e-musician, producer, film and game scorer, sound designer, DJ, etc., who is looking to add something unusual, but addictively usable to their arsenal of virtual instruments. I grabbed it as soon as it was released, and I have no regrets! Tommy Zai gives Vier four big thumbs up. Thank you, Eisenberg, for developing another unique soft synth.

Note: I wanted to give Vier a 9.5 rating, but I had to choose 9 or 10, so I went with 10. I'm sure it will deserve a 10 after a few updates. ;-)

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