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Software Synthesizer Plugin by Eisenberg

Vier has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Vier

Reviewed By tommyzai [read all by] on September 29th, 2014
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Mac.
Last edited by tommyzai on 29th September 2014.


Vier by Eisenberg is a fascinating virtual instrument! It is based on the Doepfer MS-404, a monophonic rack mount synth from the 90s that still has a strong industrial music cult following. I have owned countless synths since 1985, but never an MS-404. I'm not able to compare this soft offering to the hardware; however, I am certain of one thing — this synth is smaller than Doepfers and does not require a warm-up period for stabilization! Vier delivers an uncanny polyphonic combination of clean, yet analogue tones. And, it's not only polyphonic; it's polyphonic times four — hence the name "Vier." The saw-tooth wave is buzzy, bright, and thick. The pulse wave is wispy and hollow. The white noise generator is clean. It's a sweet synth with a fast envelope that is perfect for percussive sounds, especially arps and leads. It's no surprise that it has a nice peaky, resonant type bass for sequences. I discovered a nice musical quality in the mid frequencies, clarity in the upper regions, and a decent boom in the lows. The original MS-404 is known as an emulation of Roland's TB-303 Bassline Synth. It's hard to say whether or not Doepfer intentionally or accidentally decided on the name similarity with the 303. Vier utilizes a transistor ladder design like the Moog synths and Roland TB-303 uses a diode-ladder — this makes Vier/303 comparisons a bit dubious. In my opinion Vier is sonically more like Roland's SH101, but richer and more versatile. Regardless, Vier is authentically Vier.


  • Simple, pleasant interface.
  • Smooth workflow.
  • Fun to program.
  • Intuitive preset management.
  • Glide control.
  • Drive knob.
  • Anti-aliasing oscillators.
  • VCO modulation.
  • Wet, juicy filter.
  • Excellent voice management.
  • Innovative, responsive developer.
  • Good price.


  • I'd like to see a good default patch and a more comprehensive library of presets to show off Vier's power.


Vier is organic, inspiring, and like Eisenberg's Einklang — innovative and intelligent. This is an ultra-potent plugin with a genuine sound. I highly recommend Vier to any e-musician, producer, film and game scorer, sound designer, DJ, etc., who is looking to add something unusual, but addictively usable to their arsenal of virtual instruments. I grabbed it as soon as it was released, and I have no regrets! Tommy Zai gives Vier four big thumbs up. Thank you, Eisenberg, for developing another unique soft synth.

Note: I wanted to give Vier a 9.5 rating, but I had to choose 9 or 10, so I went with 10. I'm sure it will deserve a 10 after a few updates. ;-)

Comments & Discussion for Eisenberg Vier

Discussion: Active
30 September 2014 at 5:10pm

Didn't like the sound and the GUI. Very thin poor sound just as thin as Einklang. I really dont get why i should pay for something that i can get better for free. This is my opinion, if you love it have fun with it. Good there's a demo so everybody can check before paying.


16 February 2015 at 4:58am

I dig the GUI and the routing possibilities enable a wide range of sound from crystal clear to fat and juicy. I was inspired enough to write a little user review. Eisenberg is innovative.

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