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Analogue Classics: Legendary Analog Synths

Reviewed By hydrazoan [all]
June 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: Any on Mac

The website just says "coming soon" - and has done for a long time.

Actually it's a shame as their Synth1 sounds are pretty decent.

CORRECTION: they are actually there, it's just that you see the link showing 0, but if you click on it anyway, you get another link which has all 9. By all accounts, they're pretty good, so I'm changing my rating from one star to 5, though at this stage, I haven't got personal experience of them.

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MelloVenger ::: Retro Tape Simulation Machine :::

Reviewed By chrisg [all]
April 13th, 2020
Version reviewed: latest on Mac

I like this a lot, lot's of character. Check out PROPHET, the FAIRLIGHT and the Analog Classics, all for AVENGER expansions, highly recommended! Lively, organic, fat sounds, Especially the 3 synth expansions are killer. Layering the Prophet Avenger with DIVA is lots of fun too.

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