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For many years, EXE Consulting's primary interest has been computational physics, more recently and specifically, computational acoustics; previously it was solid-state physics and electronics. EXE Consulting now creates audio software and tests this software in creation of music. Software includes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques in addition to techniques for solving partial differential equations (PDEs).

Products by EXE Consulting

Latest reviews of EXE Consulting products

Classic V2012
Reviewed By tongsong
September 25th, 2020

I personally like the V1940 but its not here; this plug is versatile, great dist stage, great functionality, great sound and its Free!!! Thx to Mr Dave Clarke.

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ClBass FD
Reviewed By TDS-TIAYW
September 3rd, 2020

Great tone and excellent tweaks. Better than many paid VSTs. Retains the tone of the instrument while adding it's own tone.

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ClBass F
Reviewed By Frabato17
July 26th, 2019

None of these VST3's work in reaper, Hopefully EXE will fix this soon. They look nice. Not much else to say but that I hadn't hit my 100 character limit yet.

Update: not sure what happened but after a clean install of windows 10 the plugin works just fine. This plugin is nice looking and sounds great. I like a fat sound and I ran my precision with bartolini pickups and ernie ball flatwounds through it. I've been using audified's gkamplification2le22 which also sounds really good but this plugin has a lot of good sounding effects built in. There's an onboard eq that helps fatten things up. You can get a lot of different sounds with this. I recommend giving it a try. Thanks to the developer.

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ClBass F
Reviewed By wk1630
July 9th, 2019

works fine now in studio 1.

very concerned company about their great products.

excellent staff.

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