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Falcosoft is just me, Zoltán Bacskó from Hungary.

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BassMidi VSTi
Reviewed By lukzinho
October 27th, 2021

the best font player in the universe thanks for the great work
very good, it recognizes all channels with sound bank, everything perfectly I just have to thank the good work of the developer(S).

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BassMidi VSTi
Reviewed By VSTiUser
August 1st, 2020

Early days, but this is the best VST soundfont player I have found. Better than SFZ an d SFZ+.

I ant believe its such a well kept secret., .

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BassMidi VSTi
Reviewed By karmapala
May 17th, 2020

Hi Falcosoft,

I've just downloaded BassMidi VSTi and use it with Waveform 11 free edition as the host app.
I use a multi-instruments sound font file from my old Creative SoundBlaster : 4GMGSMT.SF2.

After I imported a MIDI file to a track of Waveform and put BassMidi plugin in this track,
at first I don't understand why after I change the instrument from the BassMidi panel while it's being played,
the sound is changed also.... but after I stop the play in hit the play again, it always come back to a specific instrument sound.
I'm quite sure that there is no program change in the MIDI file, because when I open the MIDI file in Cakewalk's "Event List",
there is no "patch" with an instrument at all in the list.

But then much later on, I realized that in Cakewalk tracks panel, in the "patch" column there is an instrument name.
After I choose "NONE" for the instrument in the "patch" column, save the file in Cakewalk, then drop it to Wavefrom11 track,
now I can change the sound from BassMidi panel to whatever I want and it never change to specific instrument sound anymore after I hit stop then hit play again.

And I love your plugin more, because I can just re-route the output from all the separated MIDI track to a blank track, then only use ONE BassMidi plugin in this blank track. Then assign each track with different instrument from BassMidi panel according to what MIDI channel on each track. The plugin plays seamlessly, all the instrument on each track (channel) from 4GMGSMT.SF2 sounds together without any glitch. (What I've tried so far is having five different channel with different instrument. One of the channel is channel 10 for the drum kit).

I'm very happy with this plugin.
Thank you very much Falcosoft.

PS :
only one thing that it seems by default BassMidi put the transpose to +1, causing the MIDI played in one semi tone up.
But it's not a big deal as I can just put the transpose to 0, save it as a preset, then everything has a correct sound.

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BassMidi VSTi
Reviewed By dtrq
June 12th, 2018

AFAIK it's the only available free 64-bit SF2 VSTi that tries to support soundfont internal specifications right now. All others ether only import samples and key mappings, sometimes even without ADSRs, or are buggy and discounted.
I only wish there were options for using multiple instruments with one MIDI channel and multiple audio outputs. In many multitimbral plugins there are slots for instruments, for each of them a 'midi in' and 'audio out' can be assigned.

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BassMidi VSTi
Reviewed By Archer6621
May 12th, 2018

So happy this exists, finally a VSTi that faithfully plays soundfonts, was almost tempted to make something like this myself, since everything else out there is either outdated, unsupported, broken or fake.

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