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Simple Jazz Bass
Reviewed By Jazzstylezz
May 14th, 2020

One of the very best Acoustic basses around. Has some rough edges in the velocity department. You'll find yourself wanting to tweak it a lot. But the basic sound is so wonderfully detailed and precise, yet warm and creamy and with a dark wooden undertone that just makes you want to play jazz.

I have very mixed experiences with other Fluffy libraries: never bad, but never really amazing... except, this bass is top notch. Only a select few basses even come close.

I just hoped library-makers would build on their libraries. Like, a v2 after a few years. Or a reworking of the sample pool. But, this is not for Fluffy Audio alone. How nice would it be to have a v2 of the Vintage D piano, a v2 of Native's Hammond organ, v2 of Alicia's keys...

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