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FluffyAudio releases The Zen Garden for Kontakt with Intro Price


FluffyAudio has released The Zen Garden for Kontakt (full version).

Crafted for composers and sound designers seeking to infuse their projects with the serene and meditative qualities of cinematic music, The Zen Garden is an invitation to explore a world of tranquil soundscapes and evocative instruments.

The Zen Garden offers more than 40+ sampled instruments, from the resonant depths of Crystal Bowls to the ethereal melodies of the voice of Alyne and Sylvia and the ancient melodies of the Duduk. Each instrument is complemented by unique Aura and Veils layers, adding rich textures and atmospheric depth to the instruments.

Featured Instruments:

  • Ceremonial: Tibetan Bell Big, Medium, Small1, Small2, Small3, Tibetan Finger Cymbal.
  • Meditation: Crystal Bowls, Energy Chimes, Koshi Chimes, Meditation Pad, Peaceful Pad, Shiva Pad, Three Tongue Drums, Tongue Drum, Tubular Chimes – Movements, Tubular Chimes – Note.
  • Percussion: Angelic Glockenspiel, Gongs, Handpan, Percussion, Taiko Drums, Vibraphone, Wind Chimes.
  • Strings & Plucked: Chromatic Kalimba, Koto, Lyre Harp, Sansula, Small Kalimba, Tanpura.
  • Vocals: Alyne – Legatos, Om Drone, Sylvia – Oh – Legato, Sylvia – Phrases – A Pentatonic Minor 90BPM, Sylvia – Phrases – C Major 120BPM, Sylvia – Phrases – D Minor 100BPM, Sylvia – Phrases – G Pentatonic Major 70BPM, Sylvia – PolyWords, Sylvia – Words – Legato.
  • Winds & Breathed: Duduk, Romanian Caval, Small Xun, Turkish Kaval.


  • 28,47 GB .ncw compressed sample pool (66 GB uncompressed).
  • 24-bit / 48 kHz stereo.
  • 23k+ samples.
  • Close, Mid, Far mics.
  • 6 categories: ceremonial, meditation, percussion, strings & plucked, vocals, winds & breathed.
  • Special AURA and VEIL mics.
  • 43 patches.
  • 2 singers with Legato articulations.
  • Pure unwinding experience.


The library is at an introductory sale at 89 $ / € instead of 129 $ / € till April, 12, 2024.




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