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Fugue State Audio
PO Box 1067, Cripple Creek CO, 80813, USA

Catering to the needs of the noisy. Sound design, plug-ins, and DIY electronics - usually of an experimental, lo-fi, and/or distorted nature.

Formerly released plugins under the name "Synthgeek."

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Reviewed By ccDuckett
October 7th, 2022

As long as you don't expect it to be a typical well-behaved VA suitable for leads and plucks etc., XORbot can be great fun for lovers of exploration.. finding sudden complex resonances and rhythmic patterns emerging out of what are essentially relatively simple ingredients kept me glued to settings-tweaking for a good long time.

Capable of evoking good ol' analog "electronic tonalities" Krellishness, or the more modern naked-binary-flavored madness, should one wish.

Much thanks to FSA for XORbot- I'll try my best to dial in some presets that give hint to the depths possible at some near point in the future.

Minus one star for not allowing MIDI notes to affect the sound.. I'd love to, for instance, have a toggle for "MIDI note to: (0 to 1)(-1 to 1)" conversion, as to potentially unlock yet more madness within these Boolean-based buddies (go grab NANDroid, it's awesome too).

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Reviewed By antoniusguntoro
November 9th, 2021

Oh man, this synth is crazy! Presets are greatly built, although it's only 50 presets. Definitely should try. Very recommended! it's a 64-bit vst3 plugin.

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