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Gramotech is a UK based audio software production company focused on making high-quality audio plug-ins for musicians and engineers. Our aim is to produce a wide range of high-quality plug-ins to allow more people to reach their creative potential.

To ensure our plug-ins are always up to professional standards, we always use the most cutting edge, modern techniques in our audio processing to give you the absolute best sound possible. We also make sure our plug-ins are designed to look as good as possible to give you the stunning visual feedback you should expect from only the highest quality plug-ins.

Our designs are modern, sleek, and best of all – colourful. We want you to enjoy using our plug-ins for hours on end in your studio so it would be wrong of us to give you a boring, cluttered, or dull interface.

To stay up to date with Gramotech and to be the first to hear about our new releases, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.