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We create artist-driven sample library products that prioritize musicians and their communities.

At our core, Inletaudio is all about fostering a sense of personality, opportunity, and community. We are committed to providing a space where musicians can thrive by showcasing their unique talents, offering new opportunities for growth and collaboration, and building a supportive community that empowers them to succeed.

When you choose Inlet Audio, you're not just purchasing sample libraries; you're investing in the livelihood of our talented musicians. Your support goes beyond traditional means – it directly contributes to bridging the gap between ensemble players and session musicians. By collaborating with Inlet Audio, musicians gain an additional revenue stream, shaping the trajectory of their careers.

Our expanding product range doesn't just offer composers opportunities; it's your gateway to a world of unique sounds, meticulously recorded and thoughtfully crafted, all at a reasonable price. Each sound is a piece of musical history, capturing emotions and expressions in the moment – a testament to the unparalleled artistry each musician brings to our table.

At Inlet Audio, we're dedicated to giving you more than just quality products. Your choice to be a part of our community ensures that the value of musical artistry remains uncompromised. We genuinely appreciate the significance musicians bring to our products and the broader musical landscape.

Join us in this musical journey where your support creates not just sounds but meaningful opportunities for musicians and a richer musical experience for you.