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INTERNET Co., Ltd. develops the softwares of music production and audio editing, audio plug-ins of many kinds, Vocaloid libraries and so on. Collaborating with many domestic and foreign music instrument makers (Roland, YAMAHA, Sonnox, etc), we have developed and supplied our softwares since the earliest days of computer music.

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Megpoid English

Reviewed By samfrantz [all]
February 25th, 2021
Version reviewed: 3 on Mac

Complete ripoff.
Apparently this is an ancient library that requires a previous purchase of Vocaloid. The advertisement here is strongly misleading.

Looking at this advertisement which I stupidly responded to:

The following claims are made:

What is it?
Voice GeneratorINTERNET CoMegpoid English (misleading).

Instrument(s) VST (it's a sound library not an instrument apparently).

System Requirements
Host application compatible with: VST plugins (and Vocaloid itself!!!!!!!!!!!)
Mac OS X (10.8 or later).

Videos shows on this page suggest that Vocaloid is the product that is for sale here:

Nowhere is the version number (3) listed.
Apparently Vocaloid is currently at version 5, this seems to be a LIBRARY (not Vocaloid) fpr version 3 of Vocaloid (NOT INCLUDED).

Installation certificates for this program are expired (originally from Yamaha) and a security risk.

After spending $65 on the completely worthless crap in this ad, I am inclined to never spend a dime through kvraudio ever again.

The serial number that I get back for "Megpoid English" is not a Vocaloid license.
I tried entering this serial number at the upgrade site
and it doesn't recognize the license I was given

I was able to authorize "something" on my computer using the license manager, but I can't find vocaloid anywhere on my computer as a plugin or app.
Also all of this documentation that i received AFTER THE PURCHASE refers to Vocaloid3 - and I see that Vocaloid is at Vocaloid5 now!
Even if it worked that is - So far I spent $69 for absolutely nothing.

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Sound it! 8 Pro for Windows

Reviewed By wolfneve [all]
August 28th, 2017
Version reviewed: 8.0 on Windows

A Quick review.

I have used a lot of the higher end software for professional and home recordings.
Using this software has been very fast and intuitive, A lot quicker then i would of thought.
I was able to drag and drop the track in and get to editing, there was a few Plug-ins that really brought the tracks to life with out much tweaking.
Going to try and get the batch processing down soon.
One of the biggest reasons i got this was based on the depth of the files i could save, I like making higher bit depth masters before bouncing them down for CD and this allows me to do that.
I currently use reaper as my Standard DAW and everything was able to be saved and re-opened and ready for editing with no trouble at all.

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