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Linux Studio Plugins Project

LSP (Linux Studio Plugins) is a collection of open-source plugins currently compatible with follwing formats:

  • LADSPA - set of plugins for Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API.
  • LV2 - set of plugins and UIs for Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API (LADSPA) version 2.
  • LinuxVST - set of plugins and UIs for Steinberg's VST 2.4 format ported on GNU/Linux Platform.
  • JACK - Standalone versions for JACK Audio connection Kit with UI.

The basic idea is to fill the lack of good and useful plugins under the GNU/Linux platform.

After some contributions to other open source projects the decision was made to implement separate and independent plugin distribution.

Currently supported platform is GNU/Linux only.

Supported architectures are Intel i586 and Intel x86_64.

Currently project is founded, developed and maintained by only one person - Vladimir Sadovnikov.

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