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LiquidSonics is committed to developing high quality, efficient music production software, pioneering the use of modulation in convolution reverb with Reverberate; an efficient, elegant and intuitive reverb for Mac and PC.

Reverberate LE innovates further by providing the capability to run convolution audio processing on NVidia GPU's using CUDA.

Much of the software is made available as charityware without fee for these products, but LiquidSonics encourages donations to the charitable causes supported.

Products by LiquidSonics

Latest reviews of LiquidSonics products

Tai Chi

Reviewed By mcligge2 [all]
October 11th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

amazing sound, many controls, and especially great in modulation and detune.

My go to reverb.

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Cinematic Rooms Professional

Reviewed By mdrmusic [all]
December 7th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Windows

Using both standard and pro edition. Gorgeous spaces, especially on orchestral works. Lives up to its name, very easy to use and tailor cinematic sounding room spaces.

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HD Cart

Reviewed By robinibbo [all]
November 2nd, 2017
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

I'm a bit disappointed after trying the HD Cart reverb (tested about 10 presets with guitar and synth) after reading the superlatives in the websites description of it. Perhaps it's a different type of reverb modelling, or a vintage tone I don't have the ear for, but I don't think it sounds better than any I use, which includes Breverb (guitar), Valhalla (guitar) or Audio Damage (Synth)?

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