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My plugins are usually free and open Source (http://www.github.com/mbrucher/).

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Reviewed By Mark Wilkins
April 7th, 2021

Disappointing, this thing has no on off switch for one, just a bypass in the corner. Pop it in the fx slot it is already on and absolutely clipping your bus. This thing has no subtlety at all even when backed down it is just far too aggressive for anything at all. I generally don't complain about free things but this is too much and folks deserve to be warned. Perhaps it behaves differently in other DAWs but in Cakewalk it is just wall of Hiss that overloads all of the channels and not really adding anything to the Bass. I'll stick to my other stomps and saturation plug ins for now.

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Reviewed By Rumdrum
March 23rd, 2021

Perhaps worth come coffee. I will soon find out. Disregard the 1 star for quality. Might be worth more. The 1 star is due to the fact that the product page sends you to a "buy me coffee" check out system. Impossible to get passed it if you have entered that page.

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