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Monomo Sound

Synthesizer sound creator.

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Bought this yesterday to stock up my Synthwave related sound library. I didn't expect all the sounds to fit that genre and just bought it for a few "gold nuggets", that I was hoping to find inside. Received the set via email within less than a day after purchase.

The soundset is a colorful mixture with a bit of everything for all four synths (MS-20, Polysix, MonoPoly, LegacyCell), fitting a lot of genres, from classic Trance and Dance sounds over oldschool Synthwave to Funk, Ambience and a lot more. You can clearly hear, the sounds are setup with time, devotion and a sense for details. Most of them are solid upper quality. And the set indeed contained those "nuggets" I was looking for. Some reaaaally beautiful sounds for my purposes in there. :)

544 different sounds, for MonoPoly and LegacyCell additionally even in dry and wet versions for just $10. Seriously, how could you go wrong with this? For my Synthwave purposes I'd have voted the set an 8. Considering all the other genres, I would have voted a 9. But seriously, for just $10 this is a rock solid 10.

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